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Aerospace Tooling

Minds Mechanical has a range of tooling services that can be provided separately or as a combined project. These include:

  • Mold/Tool assembly and installation
  • FAI Part Inspection (as tooled verification)
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Plug, Mold/Tool, and Part
  • Tooling repair and maintenance

Minds Mechanical is a single source provider for complete ‘turn-key’ tooling packages. We can supply and manage all tooling/mold fabrication, installation, certification, and future maintenance so you can concentrate on the production process, while Minds Mechanical ensures that production assets are fully functional and operating at peak performance. Our services allow manufacturers to focus resources on the revenue generating aspects of their business, our experienced teams handling the evolving and often technically challenging tasks that are not part of the manufacturers’ regular production process.

Engaging Minds Mechanical is the cost-effective solution opposed to hiring and keeping a permanent experienced tooling/project management staff. We supply the latest and most advanced tooling available, where this can be cost prohibitive to manufacturers. Further, Minds Mechanical has a broad range of pattern and mold fabricators at our disposal. Minds Mechanical will manage tooling orders – selecting between our own and outside fabricators to take advantage of core strengths, scheduled availability, and best pricing.

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Wind Energy

Minds Mechanical is the leader in setup, installation, and qualification of wind blade tool/mold sets, and serves the most demanding wind customers. Since new tooling is a periodic event, engaging Minds Mechanical is more efficient and cost effective than hiring and keeping an experienced tooling/project management staff. Minds Mechanical will manage the entire installation, setup, and qualification process to OEM specifications.

With more than 100 installations ranging from 10m to 80m, Minds Mechanical has honed our processes to become the fastest, most accurate and consistent installation team in the market. More than a dozen different companies have turned to Minds Mechanical for their tooling installation expertise. We install, inspect, and qualify your tooling from start to finish - eliminating the need to contract multiple services for the various project stages.

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Work Cell Components Installation, Alignment, and Calibration

Minds Mechanical is an industry leader in the setup and installation of work cell components, including everything from the platforms to the machine installation and calibration. Leveraging our service team and knowledge we bring to the job site, we greatly increase installation efficiency and have been able to trim weeks off of installation times in the past for our clients. Minds Mechanical onsite services include:

  • Layout and Alignment
  • Rigging and Lift Services
  • Mechanical Assembly and Core Drilling
  • Machining and Fabrication
  • Hydraulics Installation
  • Pneumatics Installation
  • Electrical and Controls Installation

Minds Mechanical provides all-inclusive services - our personnel bring everything needed to the project site to eliminate unnecessary downtime and costly transition times.

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Marine Set-Up and Modification

We support marine builders with expert mold set up, alignment and verification, reverse engineering, and digital modeling.

Our precision services verify that molds are fitted and aligned correctly, ensuring that everything is sound before the fiberglass is laid, delivering perfect results. We can do everything from locating revised or aftermarket features to the scanning of propellers, both large and small.

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About Us

Minds Mechanical is a metrology company specializing in metrology consulting, equipment, custom software, robotic integrations, and final part verification and analysis. We are an experienced team of engineers providing custom, cost-effective metrology hardware and software solutions.

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